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Monday, August 18, 2008

What a historical day!

Hi everybody, long time no see! This is Dion Cheah Shu Pin .I really miss the time when we went bowling together when we were still in sbu. On small occasion, maybe only me Biiang and Yee Hoo would probably turn up. However, when it came to a bigger outing where most of the sbu(ex now)involve in the party, we had have 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 just for bowling.

Look at the top right corner, 203 was my score!But this time around, on this day- 18-08-08, saw that? I went out with my sunway friends to have bowling. The D there stands for Dion Cheah. I have gone past 200 for a single bowling game, and I was really amazed! Actually, I did a bad start but as the game goes on, i went crazy and at that time my mind was totally blank after the the 6th box (after the quadruple strike). I was far ahead and my only aim is to go pass the 200 barrier. Don't laugh at the scores below! Girls ma, and they don't always play bowling. I am not boasting myself here but just want to share my happiness here. As we saw many records have been broken in the Olympics, this record of 203 just has to put up as a record to remember. Another thing is u guys can take this as a target and motivate yourself to surpass it.
203? The final score is 203.... I have improve tremendously? One moment of magic? A game of luck? A fluke game? Well, I have no idea. One significant reason i think is the magic ball below. Notice the first 2 box where i was awful? As that time I was using some other bowling balls. Then i switched to this golden magical ball, I just couldn't stop hitting strikes and I don't even know what is happening. Incredible! I really love this ball man! My friends said I should buy the ball from the counter........

The golden magical ball that brings me luck.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

good old times =)

haha duno whether there are stil ppl readin this blog..but im here to express my feeling..damn random..all of a sudden it hits me.. O.O emooo =)

well..all of us have move on to continue on our tertiary studies..we are all separated as we pursuit our studies in different places..leadin a new life..meetin new frens..it is fun..and interestin..as we start a new chapter of our live..

well..its 2am now..n i had to wake up early in the mornin tmrw since i have a 8am class..but an urge keeped me away from my bed..an urge to randomly looked at pics i hav in my computer..n when i jus randomly go thru the pictures n videos in my computer..i came across a folder named "last day of skool"..i opened it n viewed da pics..seein familiar yet alien faces..a smile was carved on my face as memories started to flow into my mind..the past felt so real to me all of a sudden..da mixed emotion at that time..i can feel it now as though its happenin to me rite now at dis vry moment..god i miss those times..it was da last day of skool b4 v embraced our spm..although spm was a week away..v had a lightheart n enjoyed our last day of skool..stress of spm were all gone..we were basically doin wat we do best tat day..crappin enjoyin laughin around..n v all noe that afta tat day v r gonna b in hell as spm approaches..but stil v put it aside n enjoy..stress gonee..wat a good way to release stress..n i wonder..izit jus me..or are there people tat also feel such surgin emotions and reminiscence of memories at moments..tied to the past..if there is..plz do a post too =)

den i saw da video tat i compiled using our pics together..all of a sudden it seems so beautiful as though i c a heavenly glow or sumtin..the stuff we been thru..good n bad..been thru boring classes together wishin teachers are busy so tat dey wont come in for class n v can hoijin..goshhh so much memories..n now..afta leavin skool..we barely meet each other or hang out anymore..but when we get to c each other..da feeling would be great..a bit awkward mayb..but search our innerself..n brin back da good old times..where we shared each other's joke..laughin at ppl misfortune..crappin all da time..hoijin..makin fun of each other..yeaa..brin back da good old times =)

frens foreva =)

junwakakaXD offf...2.11am..

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I am about to sleep now, but since I saw there are so few posts here so I decided to give a short post la. Never mind hor???

I went back to SBU yesterday for Wu Shu class. Pokai lah those members cheated me to reach at 2pm while the master actually reached there by 2:45pm...

He brought a senior along...an eighteen-year-old girl. I think she is quiet pretty lar...Nah! If you think negatively I would chop your head off! /gg headshot!

Fuiyoh, tak sangka I flashed back about the road I travelled in SBU. Like form 1, I slept every monday when the principal was giving such a great speech...heha, pointless for me because I didn't understand and it was so boring, am I right?

And, the day when we sat for PMR and SPM as well as the day we had our results...a lot more la, very tired leh to list out.

Back to topic...I haven't been exercising for months lar...and when I did the warm up I nearly fainted dude...luckily I didn't...But when I stretched my leg, OMG the master sat on my back and I shouted in pain!!!.............

Then I asked for the jumping tricks and he demonstrated lah for sure. Shockly only I managed to do it...so call stuns I suppose...haha, BOU DOU MEI LOU hor?...sorry la but I am not shwoing off...just to share with you><

Went home by car.../gg I can drive already lor...and had another boring badminton time in Lake Club again...aih, loser an always a loser, for me!

Tired shiyet...nites dudes!

Jack Ying

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mirror mirror on the wall... Who care this blog anymore? T.T

What they care anymore? maybe their studies perhaps.. =(
SBU held their Anugerah Cemerlang on last Saturday, and some scorers in SPM are invited back to skul for some award thingy.. so did I..
Morning at 7 i woke up, waiting for Biiang to fetch me.. and rarely, Biiang is fetching Ru Jin to skul too.. so we had some small chit-chat in car and we reached skul in 5 mins time..
At 8 30, the event start.. Be4, during and after the event, I'm still busy talking with ppl.. haha..
I always lyk the feeling of gathering.. =) the bond is still there, but not a tough bond anymore.. T.T

Took some photos there.. but not much, cos i nvr own a cam.. T.T dad! i want a digital camera!!!! hee... xP went storming after that, den go home..
As usual, KYGT(although without Disciple-disheng) we still own de_dust2, de_dust and DOTA.. haha.. go back train more la.. next time can play again!! hee.. xD

Until we meet again..... our story continues...... right? =)

Your fren,

Thursday, April 24, 2008


You can throw away rotten eggs or meat. There's always a memorial item to be kept even though it isn't in a good condition...MEHSI blog won't rot in my mind, my memories.

As has been discussed by most of the members, I will try the best to prevent the blog's 'rotting rate'...and I am pretty sure about it.

So...so...so~~,some of them having exams, semester break, and waiting to be recruited into form 6???...no one has time or even to bother about the MEHSI, or should I put it as they have forgotten the blog and the gang completely?

Ok, I don't know what to write about in the blog again...hmmm, then I will tell you a news.

I stopped working and preparing to further studies...

Sayonara, leave a comment.

Jack Ying (you haven't forgotten my name, have you?!)><

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rotten ><

This blog is gonna rot anytime.. T.T

Nobody wanna update, even me oso, sometime lazy wanna do anything to it.. but, Only me cant make any difference la.. nvm, I'll try my best.. =)

KYGT(some ex-HoiJin) had some sort of gathering at leisure mall, with some HELP ppl(some ex-HoiJin)
KYGT-- Me(Songher), Biiang, Disheng, Miow
HELP-- Yee Hoo, Jun Hao, Wei Yu and two of Jun's HELP frens..
Individual--Shu Pin

*Highlighted show ex-HoiJin*

We went CC.. =.=" (as usual) lolz.. erm.. de_Dust2 first round, KYGT was the CT, we lost by 1 round, so the close.. haha.. den when changed side, FUYOH!

Songher:"hey guys, its terrorist time!!" hee..
To be frank, we KYGT nvr lose as terrorist in de_Dust2.. hee.. not to boast la.. juz to share.. =)

We won by 10 rounds, if not mistaken.. =D
Went to cs_Assault waliao, we lost lyk.. =.=" speechless* nvr play this map at home.. T.T need to train d.. xD dey won everysides ..
Den went DOTA, lolz.. played so much.. hee.. erm.. we basically own, cos I took first blood, miow got the second kill and i got the third.. lolz.. nvr played lyk tat be4.. haha.. Nola, because the other side dun really noe how to play, they got two "DOTA~~PRONESS~~" swt.. =.=" I got 15 kills!! woohoo.. nvr get this amount in a LAN game be4, even the round we won against chew's fren oso, i got 7 or 8 only.. xD

Night Stalker Troll Warlord
Bone Fletcher Demon Witch
Skeleton King Keeper of The Light
Lycantrope Sniper

For more info, you can always refer to
Yee Hoo
I wonder if all of them updated on this.. =)

After that, we had a tea break at a stall opposite leisure mall, juz to fill our stomachs la.. haha.. den Went home lo.. T.T
Just feel lyk having more time with them la.. you noe, old frens ma.. the feeling so deep d, summore we're lyk so damn close, once ago.. everything changes..T.T even i feel that, myself changed alot.. I nvr lyk to speak much now, not as much as last time, to my frens... T.T growing more matured? maybe.. hopefully.. =)

Signing Off,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Guys...please help me...I am cracking my head to search for a college which suits me for my future studies...any one?...please post in the comment about your opinion.

Seriously, I don't wish to waste my parents money. So, I am heading for every scholarship available and I am qualified to apply. But, I have no confidence to get it. What to do?

Okay...I'm in a fever now. Resting soon. Thanks guys.

I promise and swear to god:

1) High distinction in every exam.